Using our new ISN GMaps WordPress plugin you can create Google Maps really easy. Set up maps as custom post types within your WordPress and use shortcode notation to integrate those maps or a list of them within  your website easily.

Below you can find a sample integrations of map- and list-view together with the possibilities our plugin provides.

Map-View sample

Abhängig von Ihren Cookie-Einstellungen kann die Karte sichtbar sein oder nicht.

List-View sample

ISN GMaps - Settings

Plugin Settings

  • Google Maps API key with auto-validation
  • Map height
  • Map zoom
  • List letters (to show letters for long lists)
ISN GMaps - Element List

ISN GMaps element

  • Title
  • Permalink
  • Text for informations
  • Autocomplete address search
  • Map preview and changeable POI
  • Map marker icon

Plugin shortcode-types

  • List-View [isn_gmaps_list category="1,2,3"]
  • Map-View [isn_gmaps_map id="1" height="100px" zoom="10"]
ISN GMaps - Element

Plugins map-view attributes

  • id="1" (id of the ISN GMap you created)
  • category="1,2,3" (a list of category ids)
  • height="100px" (make sure to use pixel here, can be set globally in plugin settings)
  • zoom="10" (can be set globally in plugin settings)

Plugins list-view attributes

  • id="1,2,3" (a list of ids of ISN GMaps you want to show, if set this attribute overwrites category attribute)
  • category="1,2,3" (a list of category ids)
  • letters="1" (to show letters for long lists, can be set globally in plugin settings)